465 House-Tug

*shown with optional front blade

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When you are serious about installing manufactured homes,
you want a serious tool!

The CSI House-Tug was designed specifically for installing manufactured housing. Maneuvering in tight places, soggy weather, and rugged terrain is what this machine was born to do! Pulling heavy loads provided by modern manufactured homes is no problem. With fully hydrostatic drive and the extra power of its 49 horsepower Kubota diesel, the House-Tug can easily move the heaviest units into place!

Lifting from ground level to over 36 inches with a capacity in excess of 26,000 lbs. gives this little machine the abilities of a giant. Finger tip radio remote control allows you to easily walk around the housing unit to check clearance from obstacles, tracking of tires and final positioning of the unit on the pad.

Over varied terrain with street pads or optional grousers, the maneuverability and control of the House-Tug will amaze you. It can actually turn around in its own length, and crawl steep inclines to get into and out of places you would never take other machines. The House-Tug's user-friendly radio remote control gives you full control of the little giant. The state-of-the-art industrial control system is weather-proof and extremely rugged to provide many years of dependable service.

With our many options and attachments, augers, anchor drivers, concrete buckets, dozer blades and back hoe, you can customize your House-Tug to suit your needs and make site prep quick and easy.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions:
  • Length … 8'-5" (101")
  • Width … 5'-8" (68")
  • Weight … 8,600 lbs.
  • Height … 6'-0" (72")
  • Standard Equipment:
  • Radio and Umblilical remote controls
  • Kubota V2203 4 cylinder Liquid Cooled Diesel 49 HP @ 2800 RPM