DT-2500 Delimber Trailer

DT-2500 Delimber Trailer
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DT-2500 Delimber Trailer

The DT - 2500 Delimber Trailer was designed with mobility and flexibility in mind. Made with a single heavy-weight I-beam rail, the DT-2500 offers easy towability to and from the jobsite, and allows the operator to position it exactly where required for optimal production. The DT-2500 also features a heavy-duty 22,000 lb axle and 1100-22.5-12ply tires. The DT-2500 is equipped with highway lighting and a fixed front spade, and is available with your choice of PTD-143, PTD-243, PTD-264, or PTD-264-NTS delimbers.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions:
  • Length … 26'-0" (312")
  • Width … 7'-11" (95")
  • Weight … 6,100 lbs.
  • Height … 5'-4" (64")

*Note: The delimber head and cradle mount ARE NOT included in dimensions and weights.