PTD-143 3-Knife Delimber

PTD-143 3-Knife Delimber
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CSI Model PTD-143 3-Knife Delimber

The PTD-143 is a ruggedly built 3-knife pull-thru delimber with topping saw, designed for use in either hardwood or pine for maximum production and ease of operation. Rugged construction coupled with the special roller and knife design makes pulling easy and smooth. The PTD-143 is mounted on a cradle constructed of high alloy steel with a top quality rotation bearing, swing bushings and rollers.

Product Details

To help you determine your preferred equipment layout on a job site, see this equipment configuration aid.

  • Dimensions:
  • Length … 6'-3" (75")
  • Width … 7'-8" (92")
  • Weight … 6,140 lbs.
  • Height … 6'-8" (80")
  • Structural:
  • Heavy-wall High-Strength Frame Tubing
  • 100% Hi-alloy Steel
  • Three Hi-alloy Wear Hardening Steel Knives